– SEASON 2022 –

Château and Gardens of La Ballue


16th edition of the Musicales de la Ballue
14th  edition of the event ” Topiaires, the Art and the Manner  »
11th edition of the dance festival « Wild extension  »

The gardens of la Ballue were awarded the 2nd European Prize 2018 for European Historic Gardens by the EGHN network and received a CCVS approval  for their boxwood botanical collection.

Music, dance and highlights in the gardens for the 2022 season



01 – AS OPENING ON  MARCH 17 : The great Spring of La Ballue

  • A WHITE GARDEN FOR APRIL: white adornment of the gardens from mid-March and in April.with the collection of magnolias, clematis… illuminate all the gardens!
  • BLUE OF MAY : the dazzle and fragrance of the sculptural alley of wisteria (from April 20) with the new support architecture of the Turgot workshop.

Admissions at the usual prices. Spring is a unique time to discover the gardens, when they awaken,  in the freshness of the wide palette of greens punctuated by numerous floral masses.



02 – SUNDAY APRIL 10, 2022 : Day of Leisure in Brittany

Under the impetus of the Haute-Bretagne Loisirs association and in partnership with Haute-Bretagne Ille-et-Vilaine, the Leisure Day in Brittany lives its 3rd edition.

The Leisure Day in Brittany allows visitors to benefit from preferential entry to 15 sites in Ille-et-Vilaine and more than 80 in Brittany, to discover or rediscover leisure or visit sites near at home.

Live this event at the Gardens of la Ballue!

Practical information
For a purchased entry = the 2nd entry is at 50%.



03 – SATURDAY 7 & SUNDAY 8 MAY, 2022 : Neurodon 2022

For the 18th consecutive year at La Ballue

A great exceptional weekend, at the time when the gardens are awakening, which calls for solidarity. Each entrance to the garden will make it possible to donate 2€ to the FRC, for the benefit of research on brain diseases. 

This event is part of a special moment of magnificence of the gardens, with the apotheosis of wisteria and the freshness of the greens of the topiary and hornbeams.


Opening hours and conditions for Neurodon: 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. without interruption
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8  May 2022

Admission: each paid entry allows you to donate €2 to the FRC
Rates: adults €10.50; 10-18 years €2; Free for children under 10.

Information at 02 99 97 47 86
Information on Neurodon:
Address: Château de la Ballue – 35560 Bazouges-la -Pérouse  MORE INFO



04 – MAY 12 TO 15, 2022 : Topiaries, the Art and the Manner

A unique event in France
For its 14th edition, this unique event in France is associated this year with the first World Topiary Days created by the EBTS (European Boxwood Topiary Days). The  the public will be able to attend various demonstrations of topiary pruning live in the gardens of La Ballue. Three gardeners from the castle will present their know-how and the different techniques used to prune and sculpt the plants. The choice of pruning tools, their conditions of use and their maintenance will be detailed in the “tools” workshop. The gardens of La Ballue have more than 1500 topiary subjects of great botanical diversity and form, from the most classic to the most sophisticated

The gardeners Kévin Spassevitch and Paul Alexandre Pelé will give live demonstrations, sculpt various shapes and reveal all the secrets and techniques of topiary art. You will be able to attend demonstrations of training or maintenance pruning on hornbeam, boxwood, yew, osmanthus, ligustrum jonandrum or japonicum in topiary.

Visitors to the Gardens of la Ballue will also have the opportunity to attend the presentation of the book on the gardens: “Variations sur un jardin”, published by P.H. Verlhac with photographs by Yann Monel and texts by Marianne Niermans.
You will also be able to discover the model of the gardens and topiaries created by Jacques Hennequin.

Everything you need to know about the boxwoods of La Ballue:
You will be able to admire in situ the botanical collection of boxwoods of the Jardins de la Ballue, which is approved by the CCVS (National Committee for Specialised Plant Collections) and attend a discussion on the problems and solutions linked to boxwood diseases.

Practical informations

Admission at the usual rates. Continuous entertainment during these 4 days. Gardens open from 10 am to 6.30 pm. 



05 – SUNDAY MAY 29, 2022 – 4 PM : Musical show « Young Love »

Texts by Jean de la Fontaine said by Christine Bayle. Music viola da gamba Marianne Muller

“Young Love” at the Château de La Ballue

We are happy to inform you of the coming to the Château de La Ballue of the musical show “Le jeune Amour” in two humorous, dramatic and tasty tales by Jean de La Fontaine : “La Matrone d’Ephèse” and “La Courtisane amoureuse”.

The two artists of the first Baroque movement, Christine Bayle, actress, and Marianne Muller on the viola da gamba, stimulate the scabrous situations, with subtleties and allusions to “La Matrone d’Ephèse” and “La Courtisane amoureuse” in intertwining the texts with the music of Ste Colombe,  Marin Marais, Hume, De Machy, Dubuisson, Abel, and a piece by a talented contemporary composer, Bruno Giner. 

In a gallant and ironic tone, La Fontaine scratches our certainties, promises and ready-made truths, and in doing so joins the discreet but present project of his friend Molière, to improve the human race. The choice fell on two dramatic love stories, the two tales by Jean de la Fontaine. We know the Fables well, much less the Tales, which are real news with action, suspense, and twist…..

Show accessible on reservation.

• Entrance €25 full price
• €15 for students and 10-18 years old
• Free for children under 10 years old



06 – FRIDAY 3, SATURDAY 4 & SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2022 : Rendez-vous to the Gardens 2022

This year, Rendez-vous aux Jardins  national theme  is : “Gardens in the face of climate change”.

Laureate in 2018 of the 2nd European prize for historic gardens by the EGHN network (“European Garden Heritage network”), the Gardens of La Ballue offer you a unique universe of scenery thanks to its playful and labyrinthine course, a real succession of plays with shadows and lights, which also has a special appeal for all children.

A specific brochure is dedicated to them. This booklet, both fun and educational, allows them to discover the gardens and their architecture,  botany,  and the environmental approach to their management. There is a booklet for children under 9 and another for older children. All the children who have used the brochure will be rewarded. 


Friday, June 3, 2022
Schools welcome for an educational visit (by appointment).

Saturday June 4, 2022 
11 a.m.:
 conference/guided tour: The Gardens of la Ballue in the face of climate change: findings, management plan , implemented.
In the afternoon : dance performance by the company HORSMOTS  : “En finir, à n’en plus en plus…”, a choreographic piece created around 15 dancers in 6 tableaux, on the theme of dance marathons organized on the west coast of the United States in the 1930s.

Sunday, June 5, 2022
11 a.m.:
 conference/guided tour: The Gardens of la Ballue in the face of climate change: findings, management plan, implemented.
Afternoon : performance of the musicians and dancers of the Ménestraudie, early music ensemble and medieval dancers.


Throughout the weekend
Individual rates:
• €9.50  for adults
• €7.50  for 12-18 year olds, students and job seekers
• Free for children under 10 accompanied by their parents

A visit brochure with a plan and a botanical index is given at the entrance to the Gardens to each visitor.

Specific opening hours : for Rendez-vous to the Gardens, the Gardens of la Ballue are open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. 




07 – END OF JUNE TO END OF SEPTEMBER 2022 : Contemporary art exhibition by Léa BÉNÉTOU

An exhibition produced in partnership with “Le Village”, an artistic experimentation site in Bazouges-la-Pérouse, and the Fund of Contemporary Art of the city of Rennes.

The visual artist Léa Bénétou, whose work is essentially nourished by architecture, introduces you to her “castles” series, astonishing creations on tiles, and her colorful ceramics.



08 – 26 JUNE 2022 : Extension Sauvage

The extraordinary choreographic adventure of Extension sauvage in the Gardens of la Ballue continues for an eleventh edition. Take a seat in the Théâtre de Verdure and let yourself be transported by this striking ballet.


See you in Comboug on Saturday June 25 for a pre-festival in public spaces.

Sunday, June 26, 2022 (access to the gardens reserved for festival-goers)
The Extension Sauvage festival will once again take up residence in the Jardins de la Ballue to present,  over an entire afternoon, major pieces from the history of dance and more recent creations.
Come and applaud the performances of choreographers and dancers from all over the world. Some shows will be given in the open-air theater, a veritable all-vegetal theater, a remarkable piece in the garden. Others coins will be offered in the magnificent and wild setting of the alleys and banks of the Ballue pond.

With on the program this year: Pauline Brun, Corentin Diana & Leonardo Ferreira, Vania Vaneau, Ana Rita Téodoro, Books on the Move, Antonia Baehr, Flora Détraz, Guillaume Baillart … and many other surprises around the gardens and woods.

Saturday July 2, 2022
Outdoor cinema night screening at the edge  pond (in partnership with FRAC Bretagne in 2021)

Find out more  


More information on the Extension Sauvage website.

• Full price: €13
• Reduced price (10 to 18 years old, students, job seekers): €8
• Free: under 10
• Group pass (from of 10 people): €8 per person

(access to the gardens, all the shows and the festival bar)

Light catering possible on site on Sunday lunchtime.    




09 – SUNDAY JULY 24, 2022 : Queen Mary, a baroque opera show


Arma barok Opéra and Barok Opéra Amsterdam present the Queen Mary by English Baroque composer Henry Purcell, conducted by Frédérique Chauvet.

Let yourself be enchanted by this musical, historical and funny saga, on the magnificent music that Purcell wrote for Queen Mary Stuart II and her Dutch husband William of Orange III, who became Queen and King of England at the end of the 17th century. You will be transported to the English court at the end of the 17th century. A look at Europe at the time, dominated by France, England and the Netherlands. 

Purcell, a brilliant courtier, knows how to sublimate the formal orders imposed on him by composing inspired music. He transcends his subject, just like the traditional forms he inherited, to invent new musical genres.

This performance, successfully performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and in Dutch theatres, will take place at the Château et Jardins de la Ballue on Sunday July 24, 2022, at 6.30 p.m.  

The ARMA initiated the Complete Works of Purcell as part of the Summer Operas in Brittany in 2002.


Show accessible on reservation.

• Entry €30 full price
• €15 for students and 10-18 year olds
• Free for children under 10

Outdoor show weather permitting in the natural setting and magnificent acoustics of the main courtyard of the Château de la Ballue.  




10 – FRIDAY AUGUST 5 – 6PM : Concert with the Trio In Beve (2 guitars and cello) : “ Music Essentials »

Three talented classical musicians for an entertaining, not so classical concert. Frédéric Bernard and Éric Franceries on guitar, Igor Kirichenko on cello.

These 3 talents offer you a program in four parts (Classical, Opera, Jazz and Film music), presenting very well-known themes, belonging to the musical heritage.
A great success that critics continue to acclaim. Music by Albinoni, Albeniz, Rossini, Bizet, Kosma, Dave Brubeck, Nino Rota, Théodorakis…

We will meet for this beautiful concert on Friday August 5 at 6 p.m. at the Château de la Ballue.

Show accessible on reservation.

• Entry €30 full price
• €15 for students and 10-18 year olds
• Free for children under 10



11 – AUGUST 18 TO 21, 2022 : Theatrical show “Tales of Past Times: Three Tales by Charles Perrault”

This original show was created by the Théâtre de la Demeure and will be presented in the open-air theater of the Ballue gardens. Director and actress Alexandra Rübner. Musical creation Jean-Luc Tamby (guitar and theorbo).

Two performances:
• Children’s version with Petit Poucé and Puss in Boots
• General public version with Petit Poucé, Puss in Boots and Donkey Skin.


At the end of the afternoon, in the open-air theater of the gardens.

Two performances are scheduled: Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20, 2022. (times to come) 



12 – 16, 17 & SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 : Celebrating Heritage Days at La Ballue

National theme for this 39th edition: Sustainable Heritage

On September 16, 17 and 18, 2022,  come and take part in this great heritage festival at the Château and Gardens of La Ballue, Historical Monuments of the 17th century. 

Enjoy an exceptional visit commented by the owners of the interiors of the castle. Unravel the mysteries of the ancient fortress of the “Marches de Bretagnes” that La Ballue was for 600 years and follow the extraordinary journey of the astonishing builder of the current castle, Gilles de Ruellan. 


Behind the scenes of a restoration

Attend demonstrations and explanations by two heritage craftsmen during their restoration work at the Château de la Ballue. Discover the know-how of masons for the restoration of a 17th century wall and that of a cabinetmaker for the restoration of windows and doors. 

Saturday 17 September: ancient fencing show by the Lames de Sévigné.

Sunday 18 September: demonstration by heritage artisans.

The two days, historical tour guided and commented by the owners of the interiors of the 17th century Château. 


School groups can be welcomed at the Château and Gardens of la Ballue on Fridays, by reservation. 

Exceptional opening hours for these European Heritage Days: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. without interruption.

Guided tour of the interiors Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Pre-reservation by email at chateau@la or by phone at 02 99 97 47 86 is recommended as we will limit the size of groups for interior visits.

Admission at the usual prices. The guided tour of the interiors is offered.

Free visit of the gardens with detailed map and historical notice.




13 – SATURDAY 22 AND SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER 2022 : Night of the Castles at La Ballue

In partnership with the Demeure Historique and Dartagnans

For its 4th edition, the Nuit des Châteaux  once again at the Château et Gardens of la Ballue. During these exceptional nights, hundreds of castles all over France will open their doors at nightfall for a magical break. 

Until 10:30 p.m., join the Château and the Gardens of La Ballue for a unique nighttime experience.


• Historic guided tour by candlelight
• Small snack of regional products offered 
• Animations


• Entrance fee (prices to come)